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tv   News  ABC  July 29, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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in the 83 through pennsylvania and those storms have been driving out of york county and on into harford county all night and earlier this morning. we have maybe one more band of rain passing through delta. this next batch should be north of bel air and could clip you in darlington and cecil county. overall, some roads were wet even though it may not be raining right now. 74 fallston and northeast. 79 glen burnie and a very sticky 81 for our friends in annapolis. most of us, 70s going to 92 by lunchtime a heat advisory with the 8, the two ogee -- 98, the two degee guaranteed high. evening thundershowers near or after sunset. we will talk about that and the weekend outlook in a moment. here tanya with traffic. >> reporter: starting to get congestion on the roads. pockets of congestion on and off. let's look at 95 on the southwest side. we have dry pavement here. this is 95 north of 195. no major incidents here. southbound traffic moving fine to the right of the screen.
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195 is fine out to bwi. so no problems or incidents there. drive times 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway. 6 minutes. 95 out of white marsh 9 minutes bel air to providence on the outer loop 6 minutes and traveling outer loop 759 to 70, that takes about 8 minutes. new cut road blocked due to fallen trees and wires in howard between college and hillsboro. we have a couple accidents baltimore national pike at johnnycake and perry hall at ridge road. now back to you. 6:31. and the clock keeps ticking. still no debt deal debate going on and no agreement anywhere in sight. linda so is here with what happened late last night maybe while many of us were sleeping. linda. >> reporter: well, that vote was abruptly postponed. today, house republicans and senate democrats called for separate meetings this morning. house will be back in session this morning and both will begin at 11 but no word when and if they will vote on
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banener's debt plan. minutes before the house was supposed to vote on the plan yesterday, that vote was postponed. but boehner didn't have -- boehner's debt plan, minutes before the house was supposed to vote on the plan yesterday, that vote was postponed. the stock markets are reacting. the dow fell again marking the decline of four days in a row. if a deal is not reached by next tuesday, we could face higher interest rates, declining dollar and partial government shutdown. some democrats say away with the compromise and think the president should raise the debt ceiling himself by invoking the 14th amendment guaranteeing the federal government will pay its debt. linda so, abc2 news. one company was trying to be light hearted in the matters. sweet talking politicians hopefully into ending the debt ceiling debate. this is berliner foods handing out free ice cream to those around capitol hill. but those work on the debt
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ceiling didn't get ice cream unless they came to an agreement. no soup for you. happening around the world this morning, police in texas-- killeen texas says an awol soldier admitted to planning an attack on fort hood. he may have been able to carryit out if a gun store clerk hadn't alerted him to his suspicious activity. he says nasser abdo was found with weapons and a bomb in a backpack. an attack at post left 13 people dead and they are used to this. >> he came past so fast i thought oh no, this is not going to be good. >> scary moments in an air show in os cosh, which -- osh kosh wisconsin. this is video from the f-16 and pilot got away immediately unhurt and it appears to be no one knows what caused the accident. the department of defense is investigating right now.
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that is how you do it. a smash and grab job caught on tape. a jewelry store in l.a. the suspects came in and smashed the cases and grabbed everything they could and intem dated people use -- intimidated people using pepper spray. it's the leading cause of liver failure in the u.s. and there's lot of concern because you may be -- it may be in your medicine cabinet a recent discovery a is leaking johnson and johnson to recommend changes to the dose of tylenol. and a group pushing forewarning labels for the frankfurters saying they may be as dangerous as smoke. as we go to break a. live look at nation's capital. it's going to be a busy day and all eyes looking through the haze and smog look for answers coming up on capitol hill. back in a bit.
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health nice this morning. chances are you have this medicine bottle in your cabinet. but now, a change in store for extra strength tile movement word from johnson -- tylenol. word from johnson and john son they are -- bionson, they are loge -- johnson and johnson, they are lowering the daily dose to 6. they have an ingredients that over 600 medications also have. >> trying to reduce the doseage is wise. >> a cede men fin is the leading cause of liver failure sending americans to the hospital each year. about 450 die as a -- as a direct result. this will get your attention. one group is pushing that hot dogs be coming with warning label just like cigarettes. yeah. a study by physicians and
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committee for responsible medicine says one hot dog a day increases the risk of cancer by more than 20%. it's important to note that this group also promotes a totally vegan diet and they don't want any meat product. however, the american cancer society says hot dogs are not toxic if consumed in moderation. on vacation, many people like dining out and when it comes to packing on the lbs, we are the worst country to visit. a study looked at an average weight gain based on vacation destinations. brits who take a holiday to the u.s. when they head home they have gained about 8 extra pounds. 8 pounds. weer is -- researchers say we offer larger portions and always favorable all you can eat buffet. we are following several new stories. coming up, a maryland researcher says he is developed a device that could prevent bridge collapses like this one in minneapolis that happened four years ago. >> reporter: i am sherrie
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johnson live in hampden. i will tell you how to have a great time with your pooch while support supporting the maryland spca, all coming up. check it out. married's most powerful doppler radar. rain in york county could slep to harford and cecil county. we will be looking at rainfall here in eastern baltimore county just east of essex and dundalk and middle river. more showers and heat are on way. we talk about it. >> reporter: churchville road at priestford road there's an accident. what else is going on when "good morning maryland" continues.
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are's watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." to bring it home the let's kick it off with a check of your forecast with meteorologist justin berk. check this out. new video with massive flooding near lansing, michigan. megan went to check this out.
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homeowners have water front property they didn't can for. look at flooding caused that major problems at a mobile home park. some people used boats to get around because some spots had water waist deep. 70 up towards hagerstown and notice that temperatures also back towards okayan silty at 79. but, under the track of cloud and rainfall from york county through harford cecil county, dampness that may add to the mugginess where there's downpours last couple hours. clear skies to the west and that will be building in here. and in fact, a boundary highlighting where we had the focus of the showers and storms. up 95, new jersey, new york and philly getting hit. traveling in that direction will be a slow trip. heat and humidity comes back for all of us in the mid-at lant. ic. sim la-- atlantic.
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similar but not as bad as a week ago. after we get through our hot day, there will be some showers and storms that try to slide down from central southeast p.a. and this evening it looks like 7 or 8 or close to sunday set and midnight a chance of local heavy downpours and that may include baltimore city. tomorrow slightly drier wind move p and -- moving in and we will pull back. today is 98. the two degree guarantee. 99 is the record high in 1954. we have a heat advisory because it will feel like 105 and 10. if you work -- 110. if you work outside, drink plenty fluids. 80 overnight. symptoms from sunset to mid night and muggy. 95 tomorrow and stay at 93 to 95 range with mainly afternoon thundershowers into the other part of next week. >> reporter: we have an accident in churchville road at priestwood road. be aware of that. the jfx at northern parkway, we
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are doing okay here at this point. most traffic is southbound to the right of the screen. no incidents in your way as you head downtown. drive times depend on where you are. 83 southbound no problems 6 minutes. 95 southbound out of white marsh could take 9 minutes. and outer loop bel air to providence, 6 to 8 minutes starting to slow down a little bit. and the outer loop 795 to 70 about 8 minutes as well. we have new cut road shut down due to fallen trees and wires between college and hillsboro and howard county, inner loop at wilkins, an object is on the road. not affecting traffic too much. and accidents in rothville and that's perry hall boulevard at ridge road and wood lawn baltimore national pike at johnnycake. heart breaking story this morning. police are investigating the death of a 3-year-old that they say was murder. linda so is here with how the story is unfolding. >> reporter: well, right now, police have not made any arrests, but they are working to piece together information
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to find the person who sufficient scad -- suffocated the 3-year-old. he lived in the apartment with family members. back in april, a family member called 911 and when rescue crews got there, the boy was unconscious and not breathing. he died at the hospital. a medical examiner says the boy was suffocated. his parents divorced last year and we talked to a woman who says she used to baby sit for the boy and says he seemed to be having problems especially with the male relative. >> he was very abusive with him and they didn't have a very good relationship. >> reporter: no suspects have been named and the investigation is ongoing. lina so, abc2 -- linda so, abc2 dplus. he can abeer bates is charged with -- xavier bates is charged with first and second degree murder in the death of christian hall. they got into a fight wednesday which lead bates into forcing
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his way into hall's apartment and stabbing him several times. he was pronounced dead at a local hospital. 6:47. the harford county sheriff's office is asking for help. deputies are trying to solve a murder from last august. 52-year-old debra burgess was stabbed to to death in her home and her killer is on the loose. >> i am bothered by it, hoping someone will find out what's going on. >> police are hoping to close the open case and if you have information, you are asked to give them a call. we are working with families struggling to find answers like these. find and help with unsolved murders by going to cases. no arrest in the triple murder from northeast baltimore. three people were shot in a home and the house was set on fire. they have been identified as billy ray loveit, tanika gibbs and michael jones. police found the victims. no suspects have been arrested in the case. a pasadena man will spent 4
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years in prison after pleading guilty to pushing a stranger into the harbor. prosecutors say the victim couldn't swim and drowned after being pushed in. baltimore city councilman robert curran says regrets the choice of word during a recent meeting with the community e said that if residents want fatter -- faster police time when it comes to responding to crimes, when they call 911 tell a dispatcher the suspect what gun. >> i knew what i was saying and i knew it would bring a response. my intent was to bring this issue to a head and if i have to suffer the consequences by putting it on the table, the a personnel assigned to sector 2 in northeastern district, so be it. >> police responded saying that curran suggestion was inresponsible and reminding you tf you lie to police dispatchers, you could be charged with filing a false
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police report. new for you, do you remember the collapse of the minnesota bridge? a university of maryland researcher says he has come up with a inexpense he have way to make sure it doesn't happen again e developed a wireless monitoring system which carries flexibility and crack development. a live picture this morning down at the inner harbor as justin mentioned. we are in for a hot weekend. cold orange air quality has been issued for today. children, older adults and anyone with a respiratory or heart condition, take especially good care and don't risk it out there in the hot temperatures. >> many of us will crank up the ac for the weekend but bge expects to have enough on hand to meet needs. they are looking into complaints from those on the peak reward program who say they were without ac for more
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than 10 hours during the extreme heat. program allows bge to turn off heat and cooling units when demand is at the highest in we are working for you. click on the future story section and get tips you need to stay cool this time of year. 6:51. five things to know. before 99th straight year supper x games opened last night and it's all the crazy sports like skateboarding, and biking. things like this right here. who does this? yeah. one of the hot young skaters is a 14-year-old from seattle. the games continue through the weekend. in washington, president obama is going to make an announcement about fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks. nine auto makers will support the plan boosting the miles per gallon to 54. the president is scheduled to make remarks this morning at 10:10 at the washington
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convention. executives from the top 20 banks will meet with trshry department today they are urging law makers to reach ion greement. if they don't they will have great consequences as -- tropical storm don is expected to make landfall tonight or early saturday. don is not expected to strengthen to hurricane strength but will remain mostly rain. alex trebek is scheduled for surgery. he snapped an achilles tendon while chasing after a woman whois suspected of breaking into his hotel room. the baltimore animal rescue needs your help finding someone who seat kitten on fire. two men spotted the kitten a, 5- month-old named hope. the cat was burned all over its body and will probably lose its ears. it is staying in a foster home now. >> i really feel for the animals that cpt depend or
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speak for themselves and i want to help as much as i can. >> donations have being accepted to treat the kitten named hope. for more, go to and click on the leverages for barcs. today it's about going to the dog called bark p aritaville. this morning cher ri -- this morning cherie is live with details. >> reporter: and at this time participation is building. we are so excited many you get to bring your pooch up and have a good time at the wine and wag happy hour. right now aileen gabeee joins me with the maryland as-- spca. good morning. i am hearing you at your home this morning. tell us about the event tonight. >> so maryland spca is hosting wine and wag and normally we have that on our property because we have the new building to showo. it's hot so downtown dog
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ishosting the wine and wag 5:30 to 7:30 off hanover street. people can check out the website and get ticket in advance for 10 dollars or $15 at the gore. >> reporter: -- door. >> reporter: why is this event so important? >> we have fund raisers to help animals and in a variety of ways. so we do 3,000 adoptions a year, we do over 8,000 spay and nuder surgeries and programs prevent cruelty and help save their lives. a lot of times like the story you ran. for those spade and neutered more on the treat. >> reporter: what can people expect tonight? >> aid lot of fun. we are going to have margaritas for barkaritaville for the people and there's a pool at downtown dogs so there will be a pool party and playrooms and activities. >> for everybody? >> excellent. and who do we have.
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rain? >> this is raveen up for adoption 6 years old. we took him from the city shelter and he is look for a home. he can come out tonight and celebration. >> that would be fun if he could come to the party. >> thanks so much for bringinghim out here. we appreciate talking to you. so he there you have it. all the fun starts at 5:30 tonight to 7:30. i might have to bring my pooch out. charley you may have to bring oscar. sounds like a good cause. back to you. >> thanks a lot. for those going out, remember we are under an orangeaer will. so be mindful of the weather and take caution if you are exercising outside. >> and a lot of water. >> no. no margaritas for the dogs. >> that's bad. >> wherever they get their water. let's go to the polls i don't get that. >> i don't either. >> oscar can't reach over. he is kind of small. >> yeah. that is the benefit of a little dog. this is the heat we are talking
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about. look at temperatures around 98 degrees today. one degree off from the record. we will be mighty close but it will feel like 105 to 110. so plenty of fluids if you have to be out outside. scattered showers and storms mainly in the afternoon hours, but to highlight once today, about 7 or 8 we will watch them drop out of p.a. to midnight. if we get beneficial rain, it would be beneficial but that's the time frame. they will talk about this on "good morning america" up to 5 to 347 inches as the storm traction south of corpus christi tonight. a good tropical storm. what do you have. >> reporter: a couple accident out there baltimore national pike at johnnycake and perry hall boulevard at ridge road. our inner loop we had debris at wilkins and that's gone. shouldn't affect traffic there. like justin said, time to go to new york for "good morning america" talking about tropical storm don. find us on facebook whenever
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